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Meg Sosnow M.D.
Functional Psychiatrist

Welcome to My Practice

I offer comprehensive, compassionate psychiatric care to individuals 18 and older living in New Jersey. Initial evaluation includes assessing your physical and mental state through a visit, questionnaires and often lab work. Based on your issues, I provide ongoing psychiatric care using different modalities such as medication, psychotherapy, supplements and lifestyle recommendations.

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Initial Consultation

The initial evaluation consists of a 60 minute consultation, several pre-visit questionnaires and often some bloodwork to assess all the factors contributing to your mental health issues. 

Follow Up Visits

Follow-up visits allow me to understand how the recommended treatments affect you and if we may need to alter anything. This is an essential part of the process to better helping you. Appointments are generally 30 minutes.


I practice a mix of different psychotherapies that I find most helpful for your situation. These include both  psychodynamic psychotherapy which is about exploring the way your unconscious emotions, thoughts and patterns may be contributing to your distress.  I also use cognitive behavioral therapy which is about challenging negative thoughts about yourself and the world that affect your mood and behavior. Appointments are generally weekly and last 45 minutes.

About Dr Sosnow

Dr. Sosnow graduated from New York University School of Medicine and did her residency training in adult psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco. She has been in private practice in New Jersey for fifteen years.

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