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Welcome to My Practice

Taking the first step and reaching out to a psychiatrist is hard. I provide compassionate care in a friendly setting. I also offer skills to address all the root causes of your mental health issues.  Your brain and body are intimately connected and many people have chronic low grade medical issues that affect their mental health. I will assess for these as well as the biological and psychological causes of your distress.

I graduated from New York University School of Medicine and did my residency training in adult psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco. I have been in private practice in New Jersey for fifteen years.

First Appointment

The first appointment is an extensive evaluation to screen for medical, environmental, nutritional and psychological factors contributing to your mental health problems. The evaluation includes questionnaires that you complete prior to scheduling an appointment, an extensive interview and lab work. .I use regular labs like Quest and Labcorp but also use labs that may not be covered by insurance such as IGenex, Galaxy Diagnostics, Great Plains Laboratory and others. 



After the initial evaluation, you will receive my assessment of the principal factors affecting your mental health. I prescribe medications and supplements as well as provide psychotherapy. I also offer diet and lifestyle recommendations if I think they might be helpful

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